NCS Action Day is a national day for NCS Grads to get involved in a range of activities to reunite with friends, support their Youth Boards and relive the best parts of NCS! Across the country there are over 75,000 NCS Grads from 2016 and this day is all for you! There will be projects happening all over the country, some run by your Youth Boards and some run by The Challenge, with special guests appearanceshappening across the capital and prizes up for grabs! AND WHAT’S MORE: YOU CAN BRING YOUR FRIENDS WHO HAVE NOT DONE NCS!

Following this there will be a celebration with a live DJ and bands exclusivley for NCS Grads, with a chance to meet loads more inspiring organisations and to celebrate your NCS journey!

Read on for more information, including how to get your ticket!

Half Term is coming 

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