Local Youth Board

Get involved with the Local Youth Board!

Local Youth Boards are a group of NCS Grads from a small region (e.g. a county or a group of boroughs) who come together to design and deliver opportunities for other NCS graduates to be involved with in their local area! Being on the Youth Board is a fantastic opportunity and a significant responsibility. 

What does the local youth board do?

  • Plan an exciting project or an event from scratch to be delivered on NCS Action Day; 
  • Have an impact on their local community and continue to reunite NCS graduates;  
  • Help promote the other opportunities by The Challenge Society including our autumn launch event; 
  • Work to promote the Youth Board to next years NCS participants and provide amazing training; 
  • Be involved in a variety of professional and personal development sessions ranging from including CV workshops! 

What will you gain from this role?

  • Gain valuable insight into how a design and deliver a large event;
  • Make a positive impact in the community and to other NCS graduates; 
  • Develop practical, transferable skills such as leadership, teamwork, communication, project planning, budgeting and more; 
  • Gain evidence for college, university or job interviews;
  • Help others to benefit from taking part in NCS;
  • Help further the fastest growing youth movement since the Scouts;
  • Access to exclusive TCS networking opportunities!
Video from the West Midlands Youth Board Project from 2015!

The Youth Board Launch is Wednesday 14th September 6.30 – 20.30 in Epsom.

If you would like to find out more about your Local Youth Board please do get in touch