Join The NCS Regional Youth Board!

Join the NCS Regional Youth Board!

Regional Youth Boards (RYBs) are a board of NCS Grads from a large region of the country for instance; Yorkshire. RYBs are responsible for awarding funding to NCS Grads who want to design and deliver projects in their communities. They also work to “youth proof” the work of The Challenge and make sure the decisions we make always have the ability to consult young people beforehand. As well as this they help create and promote large scale events put on by the Graduate team.

This role allows you to:

  • Offer feedback to Local Youth Boards on their project ideas, ensuring they meet the needs of their local community;
  • Award funding to fellow NCS Grads who want to start “Action Teams” that you believe deserve money to run their own project;
  • Work with our Graduate team to plan large scale events for up to 500 people and volunteer at these events;
  • Meet with the Board of Trustees and share your experience of NCS;
  • Work with The Challenge’s “National Leadership Team” (our directors) to youth proof important changes to the NCS programme before they present them to The Challenge Board of Trustees;
  • Get involved with large scale campaigns to promote NCS and Social Integration in the UK.

What will you gain from this role?

  • Gain valuable insight into how a large organisation works;
  • Gain experience in marketing, campaigning, budgeting and fundraising to add to your CV or UCAS form;
  • Gain evidence for college, university or job interviews;
  • Improve your teamwork, leadership, communication skills;
  • Help others to benefit from taking part in NCS;
  • Help further the fastest growing youth movement since the Scouts;
  • Access to exclusive TCS networking opportunities!

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