TCS Presents: Question Time

Make your voice heard! 

If your interested in politics and government then is opportunity is for you. Take part in our unique question and answer session where you will come face to face the those who make decision about your future.

What will you gain from this opportunity?

  • Meet an local MP Sam Gyimah face to face
  • Gain valuable insight into how local politics works;
  • Get answers to your own questions about your future;
  • Improve your public speaking and communication skills;
  • Ensure your voice and the voice of those around you is heard;
  • Networking opportunities!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where & when? 

Friday 25th Nov @ Redhill (Minibus leaving Epsom @ 4.15pm. It will return back to Epsom) 5pm- 6.30pm

Will there be food? 

We will be having a sandwich buffet with tea, coffee and hot chocolate

Can I bring a friend?  

Yes, as long as they are aged between 15-17.

Will I have to ask my question out loud?  

We would love you too but there will be a member of staff you can ask to read your question for you.

Submit your Question: